Luana Coelho turned 5 today!

— Zelda A Link Between Worlds : Link and Ravio — by Kurama-chan

A New Challenger Approaches.

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OMG! yes yes yes

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The Mercedes-Benz Mario Kart Advert Has Exceeded The Car Manufactures Expectations

Mercedes-Benz says that the Mario Kart advert has brought droves of people to their luxury showrooms in Japan and demand for their products have exceeded expectations.

Captain Falcon VS Lucina | Slow Downs

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Kozaki Yusuke art for the new Smash Bros. fighters! ⊟

Even though I’m disappointed that Nintendo went for the predictable characters versus the more interesting (Sully and/or Donnel) to fill Smash Bros.' roster, I ain't even mad because we get new art from Kozaki Yusuke to celebrate today's reveal. Yusuke, if you're not familiar with the name from our past posts, is the incredibly talented character artist who worked on the No More Heroes series, Liberation Maiden, and Fire Emblem: Awakening.

PREORDER Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS, upcoming releases

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this was funnier in my head, probably

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Dressed up pikachu in Pokemon Amie!

Pikachu com roupinhas. Difícil resistir.

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